Data Recovery

When you have suffered a loss of data it can be difficult to know where to turn for assistance. Whether it is business data or family photographs stored on hard drives, removable storage devices, flash media cards or CD's / DVD's, E5h Forensics has the expertise to assist.

What is a hard drive crash?

These days hard drives are very reliable, however things can go wrong. If the hard drive is dropped or dust makes its way onto the internal platters, it will cause the heads to crash into the platters. This will cause scratches to the surface creating more dust and causing a loss of data.

Another common problem is the overheating of the bearings within the hard drive causing the drive to fail.

What should i do ?

if the hard drive is making unusual noises such as clicking, grinding or unusually loud whirring noises then it is a safe bet the hard drive is suffering from a physical failure.

Don't continue to run the hard drive. if you do then it will cause more damage to the surface of the platters making it more difficult if not impossible to recover the data.

Data Recovery Costs

E5h Forensics aims to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. If you are a small company on a tight budget or a member of the public then E5h Forensics is the company for you.

Once the details of the recovery has been established you will be provided with

  • A fair quote .
  • No initial examination fee.
  • If we are unable to recover any of the data, then there will be no charge.

Why not give us a try and see what we can do for you. Please contact us for a quote.




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