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E5h Forensic Solutions can provide a range of services which include a data preservation service, full forensic investigations, bespoke forensic training courses, an expert witness service and data recovery from a range of digital storage devices.

Our investigators have UK law enforcement training and security clearance. With experience in a wide range of criminal investigations, trojan defence cases, employment tribunals and family court hearings you can be assured of a thorough professional service.

If you find yourself regularly dealing with digital evidence in the course of your work, E5h can provide bespoke training in order to understand the significance of the evidence that is regularly produced by forensic investigators.

E5h can provide a fast turn around for urgent cases. Why not give us a call to discuss your needs.








Latest News!!

MemGator - E5h Forensics has released a new memory analysis tool. MemGator automates the memory analysis process by bringing a range of tools together into one program. The results are presented in a clear easy to read html report. Click here for more details.

A new two day course, Volatile Data Acquisition & Analysis methods has been introduced. The course is aimed at forensic investigators who are wishing to gain the required skills and knowledge to conduct a thorough examination of volatile data / memory dumps.

The course is fully portable so can be easily delivered within the clients premises or training venues around the world.

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