Digital Forensics & Incident Response Training

E5H Forensic Solutions in-house training courses are taught by experienced digital forensic investigators and offer a cost effective solution for those who wish to improve their knowledge and expertise in the area of digital forensics and incident response.

The hands-on courses are software neutral, using a range of free and open source tools. Additionally the courses can be tailored to meet the needs of the client.

Whether you are looking to obtain a basic understanding of digital forensics or you wish to develop more advanced skills, the E5H Forensic Solutions Training Courses are an ideal way to achieve your goals.

The courses are provided throughout Australia or Asia Pacific region.

Forensic Techniques for Auditors
1 Day-Forensic Techniques for Auditors
Digital Forensic Foundation Course
4 Day-Digital Forensics Foundation Course
Cyber Security for Managers
1 Day-Cyber Security Training for Managers