Digital Forensic & Incident Response Training

By attending an E5h Forensic Solutions training course, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will help you respond to cyber crime incidents and conduct digital forensics investigations. All courses are developed and delivered by forensic investigators with many years of experience, ensuring the courses are both practical and relevant.

E5H Forensic Solutions can provide in-house training courses which offer a cost effective solution for organizations. All courses can be customized to suit the needs and requirements of the organization.

The hands-on courses are software neutral, using a range of free and open source tools.

Whether you are looking to obtain a basic understanding of digital forensics or you wish to develop more advanced skills, the E5H Forensic Solutions Training Courses are an ideal way to achieve your goals.

The courses can be provided throughout Australia or Asia Pacific region.

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Forensic Techniques for Auditors

1-Day Forensic Techniques for Auditors

A 1-day course designed to provide auditors and IT staff with an in-depth understanding of various forensic techniques which can be used to supplement their internal audit processes. 

2-Day Digital Forensics Data Collections for First Responders

2-Day Digital Forensics Data Collections for First Responders

The 2-day Digital Forensics – Data Collections for First Responders Course is ideal for IT staff or members of an incident response team who need to forensically preserve electronically stored information (ESI) following a cybersecurity incident or to support legal action.

Digital Forensic Foundation Course

4-Day Digital Forensic Foundation Training Course

The 4-day Digital Forensic Foundation Course is ideal for those wishing to pursue a career as a digital forensic investigator or for those cyber security specialists who wish to enhance their incident response skills.

Cybersecurity training for managers

1-Day Cybersecurity Training for Managers

While cyber threats may not be in your control, your cybersecurity strategy is and you should be looking at a risk-based approach. This cyber security training course prepares managers and senior executives to understand, assess, and take a proactive approach in cybersecurity.

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