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The Creator of Blockchain Detective and Provider of Digital Forensic & Incident Response Training Throughout Australia & Southeast Asia region

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Blockchain Detective

A low cost blockchain investigation tool. Utilizing publicly accessible blockchain explorer API’s, Blockchain Detective allows investigators to download transactions for multiple blockchains, automatically generating an easy to follow visualization of the transactions, allowing investigators to easily follow the flow of crypto from one address to the next.

Digital Forensics / IR Training

E5h Forensic Solutions in-house training courses provides a cost effective solution for corporations throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. The training courses are designed to equip organizations with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to respond to cyber crime incidents and digital forensics investigations. Each course can be tailored to each organization’s unique needs and requirements.

Creative Solutions.

The creator of free forensic tools such as USB Forensic Tracker and NTFS Journal Viewer.

Utilizing free or open source tools within all training courses to ensure course candidates can put into practice what they have learnt during training.


Andrew Smith

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in the field of digital forensics. Andrew was a UK police officer for 9 years of which the last 4 years was spent working within the police computer crime unit where he received extensive forensic training. His role included training detectives, the acquisition of electronic data, analysis and the presentation of evidence in the UK courts as an expert witness. He was involved in many high profile cases including terrorism, murder and file sharing websites.

Andrew also worked for over 5 years for a highly respected UK information security company where he became the manager of the computer forensics team and held teacher status at the University of Glamorgan. His role included overseeing investigations for both the public and private sector and the delivery of master degree training courses for the UK university.

Andrew spent some time in Dubai before moving to Thailand where he has now been based for over 11 years. He was the Director of Computer Forensics Services for a commercial investigation company called Orion Investigations. His role was to oversee all forensic investigations, business development, promote awareness of cyber security and present evidence as an expert witness. He has regularly appeared as a guest speaker for various business chambers and government organizations. Andrew has developed a range of forensic training courses and has delivered training in the United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Nepal. Andrew has also developed a number of free forensic tools which have been used in forensics labs all around the world.

More recently Andrew has completed Cryptocurrencies for Investigators training and developed Blockchain Detective, a blockchain investigation tool that allows investigators to quickly download transactions for multiple blockchains and automatically generates a visualization of the transactions.

Andrew Smith