Bank Warns of SMS Scams

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Kasikornbank (KBank) has warned people to be cautious of links sent via text messages, or SMS, which encourage them to download additional applications or add Line accounts under the bank’s name in an attempt to trick them into giving away information or access to their accounts.

According to an announcement posted on the KBank Live Facebook page on Saturday, online scammers have been trying to infiltrate the bank’s customer base. To better protect customers, the bank says it has stopped sending messages with hyperlinks and has not sent out any links via SMS since Feb 20, except in specific cases requested by customers.

Scammers typically send messages with concerning content, such as information about erroneous transactions, along with hyperlinks. Clicking on these fraudulent links can allow fraudsters to take control of users’ devices, access their personal data and withdraw money from their bank accounts.

The bank advises customers to contact its online threat response agents if they have any suspicions.